Monday, 20 July 2015

The Truth don't Lie

One of the most controversial pieces exhibited in Windrush Square for this years Urban Art fair featured a Pinnochio character with the words " The naughty lies of Brixton Green".
Brixton Green created controversy by firstly not delivering projects they claimed lottery funding for and by keeping the centre on Somerleyton Road closed to the community.
Obviously the piece upset some people, enough for them to want to paint out the word Green but in the interest of informing the community of whats going on its important it stays there.
No one likes to be called out
The truth hurts this much
Truth is Truth

Urban Art Brixton 2015

Some graffiti wallpaper at the Urban Art fair. Thanks to C for the assistance

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Painted Brixton

So this week we launched the new art sessions for Painted Brixton which works with young people from Brixton to develop art skills at the Hall of Fame.
Walls will be getting blessed over the next few weeks.

 The ID machine
 Bronk goes in
 Caves from Tehran
 He who finishes first gets the coffee in
 Inkfetish is a beast with the pen
 40HK goodness
 Sums from TDA Klann in Ireland gets involved
 Quake from Italy
 Tizer on portraits

 Freestyle quickie
 Niest from GF and Solo
 Going in with a word
 Painted Brixton Crew
 Genie, first letter piece
Breakfast club