Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Newburgh Street art

During April artists Peter Kennard, Cat Picton Philips and my good self will be showing a selection of new and old works.
The show is now open at 9 Newburgh Street in the heart of W1 and has been organised by Amilas art.
In the basement I've transformed the downstairs space into a spiritual retreat using canvases and some fresh work on the walls for weary shoppers and hipsters who can take a break from the chaos of Carnaby Street creating a place to chill out and relax or 'Chillax' as the Twitter -ing classes say.
The show is on for 2 weeks with a possible extension so check it out asap.

Here's a little taster for you:

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Codex Alimentarius goes international

Sunday 1st of March 2009 was the date for Bonzai, Rabodiga (Spain) and Solo to do a wall together.

This wall was aiming to say something about the economy but after a group hug and a few buddhist chants we decided to have the main lettering at the bottom read 'Codex Alimentarius' (If you can read it).

Codex Alimentarius is a food code that comes into force at the end of the year and will re-classify some nutrients as toxins. It will also mean that previously banned chemicals in food production will be permitted to be used and the health implications for the world are massive.
I feel passionate enough about this issue to include it in my spray jaunts when and wherever possible and in this mural Rabodiga has a girl smashing a world piggy bank to symbolise our greed and Bonzai has some genetically modified flying machines up top while I play it safe with the word which is mutating off itself. Urghh! Sounds disgusting. So is Codex Alimentarius! Check out this information for yourself: www.healthfreedomusa.org
and more locally: www.consumersforchoice.com
and: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Vitamins/
If you feel compelled, please also sign the petition on both websites.

Urban Art Showcase at Westbourne Studios

Thursday the 5th of March 2009 saw the launch of Urban art showcase at Westbourne Studios. It featured not so much the cream of the UK graffiti scene but more like the organic soya alternative, artists included Chu, Zeus, Dotmasters, Inkie and Graffiti Research Laboratories ( GRL).

The night also featured a film showcase put together by the lovely Portobello Film Festival people. They included a series of graffiti/street art films 'Overspray' from South Africa and 'Bomb It' from the U.S.

The pieces on display will be sold via the site www.streetdealer.com and use unique QR code technology which when you snap the QR code by the side of the piece your phone takes you to the website direct. This is a very different way of selling work and all very hi tech.

The show at Westbourne Studios runs until total economic collapse and
we're all running around like the people in the film 28 days later.