Sunday, 25 September 2011

Where will I spend my happy days?

"Sorry luv.can't make lunch. Part2ism,Rough n solo r paintin SW9.luv u.L8trz.x"
Lots of abstraction
Less is less.
The future is now.
Aerial views a must.
Major League.
Out of Space.
The puddle
Close up
Heroes for hardtimes

Recently Solo teamed up with Part2ism and Remi Rough for something different on the Stockwell Park Estate. Rough titled it ' A room in Brixton' and it will be interesting to see how the work is percieved.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Its all in the taste.

Times are changing, the people are getting stranger.
Anti Red Bull Graffiti.
The taste of a generation.
Blek Le Rat. Stencil maestro
Aeon will kick sand in your face. there from here.
Go high always
One Nation under God

Todays tag team effort consisted of Aeon and Solo painting a wall for the Portobello film festival. The theme of the wall was a nation under duress and features an upside down American flag which is traditionally flown when the Nation is in distress. Unfortunately due to over protective management at the site this wall won't live, but will hopefully make a nice desktop screensaver for someone.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Britains got talent

This selection of work was produced by various young artists during recent workshops held across the Capital. These sessions were quick draw and paint exercises often with no referance and relying heavily on the young people to bring their creativity to the sessions. A few pointers were given here and there but for most this was their art. Another reason why seeing great art is not always going to be in a Gallery.