Monday, 28 March 2011

This is my 9 - 5

quick piece
Worldwide family
Haters take note
Te iubesc.......
Not even summer yet
The love octopus
Crazy in love
Inspiration comes from all sources
Dedicated to Smiley Culture R.I.P
Te iubesc
BRK delivers another dope piece
viva espania
Sef goes basic
Love this.
Weather forecast is dry, paint time.

Girls On Top......Always.

Ladies first
The great Motel 7
Motor goes intergalactic
Steadhead is the one to watch
The fantastic Neonita
The most bubblegum piece of the weekend
wait...these ain't girls! The guys take out the small court...GFUNK era.
Pref and Tizer
touch fists its Wisher and Zenof, Kc.
Merc ACR with another banger
Jive always comes correct.. simply rocking
Ebzky and Skank

On Saturday 19th March, 2011 the ' Girls on top ' graffiti jam took place on the Stockwell Park Estate. Some of London's finest ladies painted alongside artists from Sweden, South Africa and France. Overall a great weekend and hopefully an inspiring event to encourage more women to participate in creative projects. Photographer 303db has put out a video of this you can see here

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bleak St breakdown.

The takedown
Major league Walrus club
Watch this space
Bits and pieces
Close ups
Ice cream style
A class act to follow

20 years of TDA
four letters of funk
basic instinct
Damn, thought i'd sprayed for kids earlier
Someone is homesick

Whenever I head to Waterloo for some reason The Kinks ' Waterloo Sunset' plays constantly in my head. Theres something about doing the leake St tunnel and nipping over to South Bank that makes life seem nice and rosy. Todays piece is dedicated to the don Ray Davies for penning a classic song.

Lakeside....not the lousy shopping centre.

In Essex, no one can hear you scream!
Tiws TDA
When the flood comes we'll be here catching flicks
The party starts here
Was thinking something like this for the Interior?
Hurry up, we're done
Shine and Quest
Ante with the green colour combo...very tasty
Off to Ibiza, lucky for some

We all recently took a day trip to deepest Essex ( Chaford Hundred to be exact) to paint the great flood defence barrier on the Thames. This place is a beautiful wasteland filled with miles of concrete, a ton of graf, pikey quad bike riders and the occasional dog walker. Its one of those spots you never know who will turn up so good to see Skore, Brave, Ante and Shine and Quest already there when we rocked up. Enough chat, have a look at the work and realise in the summer this place is gonna be a scorcher worthy of picnic, sun tan cream, women and TUNES!