Monday, 28 March 2011

Girls On Top......Always.

Ladies first
The great Motel 7
Motor goes intergalactic
Steadhead is the one to watch
The fantastic Neonita
The most bubblegum piece of the weekend
wait...these ain't girls! The guys take out the small court...GFUNK era.
Pref and Tizer
touch fists its Wisher and Zenof, Kc.
Merc ACR with another banger
Jive always comes correct.. simply rocking
Ebzky and Skank

On Saturday 19th March, 2011 the ' Girls on top ' graffiti jam took place on the Stockwell Park Estate. Some of London's finest ladies painted alongside artists from Sweden, South Africa and France. Overall a great weekend and hopefully an inspiring event to encourage more women to participate in creative projects. Photographer 303db has put out a video of this you can see here

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