Friday, 1 April 2011

It gets no Rougher.

This is homework. Preparing mulsh stash.
Rough painting from the 90's
Te iubesc for my iubi
close encounters
Beauty never fades
Solo and Rough combo
Merc works the walls
Bonzai kings it.
Vibes represents quality London graf
RT in the house
Care in the community
Estum rocks a classic
Lovepusher in progress
For Stockwell Park Estate.....stand strong against negativity.
Get well soon and hope to see you in good health.

Recently I collaborated on a piece with long time friend Remi Rough. The concept was quite simple, freestyle on the wall, done and dusted in a couple of hours. Remi Rough has been an inspirational artist to many in the U.K graf scene not only as a solid member of VOP crew but also his experimentational work with Ikonoklast and his many paintings across the world.
Remi has maintained and produced some classic work and his work has matured out of the Graf label into something that is credible within the gallery scene.
I hope you enjoy these latest works from Stockwell Park Estate from us and others like Vibes, Bonzai, Estum and Lovepusher who are continually pushing this artform to the maximum and showing what can be done on the walls with effort, dedication and determination.
Finally I would like to send a get well soon message to Roshan and Thusha who were injured on Tuesday night in Stockwell Food and Wine store. Our prayers and thoughts are with your families at this difficult time. peace and Love will win.