Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Portobello Film Festival 2010. Truth Rising.

Recently I took part in painting at the Pop Up cinema under the Westway as part of the Portobello Film Festival 2010.
For this years festival the brief to the artists was to paint a piece inspired by one of your favourite films. Taking part in this entertainment extravaganza were Blek Le Rat, Dotmasters, Inkie, and a made up girl group of street artists called This is Babooshka, like the spice girls with pens.
The inspiration for the piece came from the films '911 Truth Rising' and 'Loose Change final cut'.
For me these are two of the most important films out there as they expose those trying to cover up the real events surrounding 911. For the painting I depicted the chaos that was in Lower Manhattan on the morning of September 11th, 2001 and to the left of the piece the mask symbolising justice that will come for the firefighters, civilians and police who lost their lives and continue to suffer by being denied medical aid and who are suffering severe health problems as a result of working at ground zero.
Because of my late entry into the festival these films were unable to be shown but I will submit them for next years festival on what will be the 10th anniversary of this tragedy and deception.
This piece was also aimed at skeptics to do the research and investigate the evidence and to encourage debate around this subject.
I would like to thank JB for his hard work and dedication to a great film festival, and Leona and Greg for support. Also thanks to Tim, Michael, Reg and Jeff for making it happen alongside my West London patron of the arts Natalie.

The festival under the Westway.

The chaos of Manhattan.

The ice cream van was busy..

The Truth Rising mural.

Zeus designed these great looking mini Trellicks for the award ceremony.

The house was full and dark.

Festival programmer Ray spoke wisdom.

The dedicated team behind Portobello Film Festival 2010.

911 Truth Rising available from:

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Size does matter.

Recently on the Stockwell Park Estate I was joined by London Legend Zaki Dee, one part of The Chrome Angelz crew who in the eighties led the way for UK graffiti.
Zaki wanted to go large with the letters and in perspective and I opted for a huge snail/ slug piece as I've spent most of last week trying to eradicate these from my garden as they are seriously chomping on my cherry tomato plants. Who says Graffiti and gardening don't mix?!
As you can see the results were large and I also incorporated what could possibly be the first time expanding foam filler has been used on a piece. I don't know if it will get me any brownie points from graf fans but it might keep the chat-rooms talking for at least a week on the purist forums.

Enjoy your environment, its yours.

To the top.

Slugs don't last in the garden.

I hear something.

Zaki adds the crew names.

This is what concrete is for.

Grey days.

I catch the sun.

The End.