Sunday, 16 December 2012

Just Hanging out.

A random line up at the Pen today with Caves from Tehran, Maser TDA, Rough,2Rise, Tizer and Jobe.
The Jobe and Caves finished pieces are not included as it got dark and we needed to get to the Colombian Restaurant before closing in Brixton Village.
 In this game nothing is more important than Colombian food....

Monday, 10 December 2012

Reasons to be cheerful...

The festive season of rampant consumerism is almost upon us so while the World gears up for a frenzy of shopping mayhem, Solo, Bonzai and lovepusher get busy and go large with it in the Pen.

The all seeing....
Hey everybody its Christmas....yay!
Feel this
Amuk Design. Kings it.
The hour of the time
The crew
Remember the Prophets.
Stay tuned

Scratch Expo17

Scratch Expo17 kicked off at 28 Redchurch St last week featuring 17 artists who have been involved with Scratch, the legendary Club that started life at the Crossbar in Kings Cross and later moved to The Scala.
The show is on until the 16th December so go check it out.

Friday, 7 December 2012

The Cold War

As temperatures plunge the graf cookers heating gets cranked up.
 Tonight the Streets are ours.
 Le Pouvoir


 No matter what they say
 The Spirit of.....
,,,,, The Dogon
 Old School 'Case'.
All is Quiet