Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The sun fades in Hipster central.

Recently myself and Motor got together to produce a mural in a car park off Brick Lane in London's ever so trendy East london. The best thing about painting here is I could turn up in winkle picker shoes, tight orange trousers and a goldfish bowl as a hat and I'd probably start a trend or at least get to do a commercial. This place has changed but what's not is my longing for the beach.
The Inspiration for this mural comes from a conversation I had with South African artist Faith 47 recently at Moniker Artfair. She reminded me of Seapoint in Cape Town, a place I hold dear to my heart for its beautiful outdoor pool and ice cream store on the sea front. So with this in the brain we knocked out in a day something we hope Brick Lane hipsters will find slightly amusing and photograph for their Facebooks

During the painting there was much talk of holidays.

As soon as the pay cheque arrives I'm off.

We work into the evening.

Lighthouse business.

Believe in colour.

Kick sand in my face and I'll.......

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ally Pally away day.

The last time I painted Alexandra Palace was about a year ago, at the height of summer with Mear and Crok being overrun by toddlers and mums. This time was a different story.
I teamed up with Marie Motor and felt the need to do something inspired by eighties rapper Kwame and his whole Polka dot thing and of course ice cream. So the colours had to be quite yummy.
We think we did a great job, all in a days work!

Getting the Polka dots on

Inspired by this.

Inspired by great lollipops!

The sun shines.

The sun starts to set in North London.

Finished by the evening.

Motor works the characters.

Finished wormery.

Another day, another piece.

Trellick Tower.

I got together recently with Marie Motor to paint Trellick Tower, a monumental landmark in Ladbroke Grove.

During the eighties the 'Non Stop Art' crew painted here with what was probably the biggest piece in the UK entitled 'The Earths Edge'.
The walls in this place have always resonated with writers and these days its getting sessioned hard.

Today's piece was at the location where in 1988 they shot the cover to UK rap compilation 'Known 2 be down' which featured artists from the area.

There are plans are to go back to Trellick for some proper 2 day action!
Also on this wall were Part2ism, Petra, Xenz and Busk

Motor paints up to the old skool rich piece.

Finished piece by Motor.

Details from my fill-in....way too crazy!

...more detail

The Start..

Part2ism is on point.

Petra explores.

Xenz and Popular Mechanics.

Busk takes the corner.

The finished piece... but wait what's this??

1988's rap classic 'Known 2 be down' shot here

Friday, 15 October 2010


The Raw Crew recently invited me to their Swindon HQ for a paint-out.
Here are the results:

Pandas love Raw crew.

Raw's production was long..

I go for simplicity.


Friday, 8 October 2010

When Tarzan got Cloned.

These weird and strange times call for equally strange subject matters. Myself and Marie Motor knocked out another wall entitled 'When Tarzan got cloned'.
Cloning and the genetic modification of our food have the potential for life threatening disease and I'm not sure that scientists messing about doing cross species experiments is a good thing. I mean look at the spider goats for instance this. Or the Dog that scientists bred to glow in the dark.....

These are scary times for our food production and experimentation, but while all that happens we paint..

In the jungle the mighty jungle..

the lion sleeps tonight.

Genetically modified graffiti!

Such a beautiful day.

Leaf duty.

There's something in my soup..

This jungle is made of plastic.

Wot no..... spider tomatoes?

Just Tarzans!

Something's burning in the jungle.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Public Service Announcment.

Myself and Marie Motor worked on a wall in Waterloo with the aim of discouraging people from nail biting. This bad habit which starts in childhood often can carry on into adult life and is so disgusting. Saying that though I've always thought there could be a market for peppermint flavoured nails you can buy in a pack and chew to your hearts content. The only problem with that would be the house filling up with piles of nails much like the annoying pistachio nut casings which seem to never biodegrade.
Enjoy the art and if this makes you want to bite your nails...STOP IT!

Someone has to clean up this city!

We make a start.

Getting anxious, must not chew nails..

Marie spells it out.

Wear mittens to stop nail biting.

Mild Anxiety.

Nervous.. for more advice

This has been a Public service announcement for citizens.