Friday, 8 October 2010

When Tarzan got Cloned.

These weird and strange times call for equally strange subject matters. Myself and Marie Motor knocked out another wall entitled 'When Tarzan got cloned'.
Cloning and the genetic modification of our food have the potential for life threatening disease and I'm not sure that scientists messing about doing cross species experiments is a good thing. I mean look at the spider goats for instance this. Or the Dog that scientists bred to glow in the dark.....

These are scary times for our food production and experimentation, but while all that happens we paint..

In the jungle the mighty jungle..

the lion sleeps tonight.

Genetically modified graffiti!

Such a beautiful day.

Leaf duty.

There's something in my soup..

This jungle is made of plastic.

Wot no..... spider tomatoes?

Just Tarzans!

Something's burning in the jungle.

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