Saturday, 16 October 2010

Trellick Tower.

I got together recently with Marie Motor to paint Trellick Tower, a monumental landmark in Ladbroke Grove.

During the eighties the 'Non Stop Art' crew painted here with what was probably the biggest piece in the UK entitled 'The Earths Edge'.
The walls in this place have always resonated with writers and these days its getting sessioned hard.

Today's piece was at the location where in 1988 they shot the cover to UK rap compilation 'Known 2 be down' which featured artists from the area.

There are plans are to go back to Trellick for some proper 2 day action!
Also on this wall were Part2ism, Petra, Xenz and Busk

Motor paints up to the old skool rich piece.

Finished piece by Motor.

Details from my fill-in....way too crazy!

...more detail

The Start..

Part2ism is on point.

Petra explores.

Xenz and Popular Mechanics.

Busk takes the corner.

The finished piece... but wait what's this??

1988's rap classic 'Known 2 be down' shot here

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  1. I was involved in this piece of art(i write Rage)and it was an honour to do this piece back then.