Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The sun fades in Hipster central.

Recently myself and Motor got together to produce a mural in a car park off Brick Lane in London's ever so trendy East london. The best thing about painting here is I could turn up in winkle picker shoes, tight orange trousers and a goldfish bowl as a hat and I'd probably start a trend or at least get to do a commercial. This place has changed but what's not is my longing for the beach.
The Inspiration for this mural comes from a conversation I had with South African artist Faith 47 recently at Moniker Artfair. She reminded me of Seapoint in Cape Town, a place I hold dear to my heart for its beautiful outdoor pool and ice cream store on the sea front. So with this in the brain we knocked out in a day something we hope Brick Lane hipsters will find slightly amusing and photograph for their Facebooks

During the painting there was much talk of holidays.

As soon as the pay cheque arrives I'm off.

We work into the evening.

Lighthouse business.

Believe in colour.

Kick sand in my face and I'll.......

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