Wednesday, 15 April 2009

All City Paint Jam in Dublin and Belfast's Peace Wall gets blessed!

The All city store in Dublin recently had a paint Jam in the city featuring some of Ireland's top names in the graffiti world and guests Tkid, Ces and me, Solo one! Some heavyweight pieces made it onto the wall and yer man Solo teamed up with UK don Jano to do a nice top to bottom combo.
The kids of Dublin seemed to be out in force and there were a frenzy of book signings. After the Dublin Jam the plan was put in place to steam up to Belfast and give their peace wall and good seeing too.
Scaffolding up

Outlines for the Dublin kids!

I don't like heights, why am I doing this?!

Ah! That's why!!

During the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland and particularly Belfast the catholic residents of Bombay St and residents of the Shankill area fought a bitter tit for tat battle with each other. The resulting conflict convinced the authorities to erect a huge wall seperating the Republican and Loyalist communities. This wall between Springfield Road and the Shankill Road was called the peace wall. It has been a constant reminder to those living on both sides of the wall of the physical barrier in place in order to maintain peace.
On Easter Monday up to 20 artists took part and painted the wall on Cepar Way.
New York legends TKID and CES dropped some classic Bronx styles.

The Peace Wall primed and ready to turn into the 'piece wall'

Early start...

Nearly done...

Check the detail, check the runs...

Finished piece on the Peace wall.

Ces classic Bronx stlye!

Tkid classic Bronx style!

TKid, Solo and Ces.