Thursday, 11 December 2008

Amilas Art exhibition, Carnaby Street, December 2008.

Wednesday 4th of december saw the launch of the first group show of
artists represented by Amilas Art.
The exhibition is called Alchemy and features a variety of works from hand painted canvases by my good self to a fantastic paper montage by Peter Kennard. The prints were represented by the Static Collective and Cat Phillips who also have some great looking stuff!
If you are in London check it out at 38 Carnaby St, W1 and even if you can't make it down there, make sure you visit the Amilas' website for some tasty art!
The show runs until the 13th of January.

Report Chemtrails Alchemy.

Lovers rock.

Freestyle Alchemy.

Enemy Contact.

Codex 1.

Codex 2.

Codex 3.

The debate begins!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

'Revok' from LA crew 'MSK' comes to London and paints with yours truly.

Last month we were blessed by a visit from Revok of the MSK crew all the way from LA, so while he was here, we thought it only polite to pay a visit to Waterloo and get the paints out with Roid, Revok, Tizer and myself in attendance.

Solo gets toxic, look out for the leak making it's way to a b-movie near you!

Revok shocks and shatters:


MSK crew:

Nepalese rapper jacks Solo One!

Rambling down one of my favourite graf spots the other day I find Nepalese rapper Bivor and his incredible lip-syncing hottie 'utilising' my "Codex Alimentarius" piece as a background whilst shooting his new video "Sara Jiwan":

'After Dark' at the Louise T Blouin Foundation, London.

In August this year I was given a couple of walls to play with at the 'After Dark' gallery in the Louise T Blouin Foundation, London.
Here are the results:

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Solo hits Portobello Film Festival September 2008

This years Portobello Film Festival featured the artistic talents of myself, Inkie, Zeus and Shok-1.
Set in the plush Westbourne Studios on Acklam Road, Ladbroke Grove, London.
The brief was to decorate 5 portable stands and the theme being propaganda and reacting to new world order threats. The work remained on display for 2 weeks.

Cast and crew from Cash and curryHorror film makers

Cans Festival 2 at Leake Street, Waterloo, London in August 2008

During August I was asked by wonder stencil star Banksy to appear alongside a long line of graffiti artists to paint at Leake Street, Waterloo for the Cans Festival 2. The highlight was using the electric scissor lift to do the arched ceiling and spraying the words 'codex alimentarius' - Google it!