Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Student loan.

Last week I was joined by talented Brit school art and design student Ruby on her first work experience.
Our task for the week was to paint a series of backdrops for Whippersnappers forthcoming production 'Anancy Stories'.
Also on the to do list was to get Ruby involved in a production to show her the techniques involved and the time taken to roll out these big graf murals. Joining us on this task was legendary Chrome Angel 'Zaki Dee' and one of my favourite writers from the 90's 'Snatch'.

Many thanks to Ruby for the help and good luck for the future.

Ruby paints the Anancy Stories backdrop

Whippersnappers iconic logo designed by Ruby.


Painting the faces

We paint this wall today

Ruby rolls red

Outlines up...now for the fill

Fill mayhem

Attention to detail

We're nearly there...

More finishing touches

The finished product.

Signed by the artist!

Zaki Dee joined us

Classic Zaki

They're back....new and improved

Close up of ours

Ruby Piece

Finished Skyline for Play

Anancy Stories coming soon

Whippersnappers 'Achieving in life'

My garden is growing.

Snatch lays it on heavy.

Monday, 19 July 2010

More fire.

Today's session featured Bonzai and Smug on Octopus duty.
Funnily enough the Octopus was the spitting image of Paul the psychic octopus who predicted the outcome of the world cup. I wonder if he knows if we'll be back next week?

The piece is dedicated to the memory of Dier FDC who passed away a few weeks ago
Planet rock.

Digable planets.

Johnny 'Dier' Rest in peace.

Bonzai and Smug deal the pressure.

Paul the psychic octopus makes a prediction.

Red Dawn.

Brixton cycles.

Tonight the streets are ours.
Ride safely and always wear your helmet.

Cycle all night.

Tour de Brixton.

Pop to the shops.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Somewhere in the park, near the tent.

The good people at Montana Gold asked me to paint a few canvases at Swindon's first 'Big Arts Day'.
The brief was simple, do what you do with our paint. I managed to hook up with Swindon's finest Reed and Weep crew who have been doing the graf for years.
Swindon has produced some talented writers that have added to our scene here, I remember having a picture from the eighties of a 'Sane' piece which for the time really stood out.
After the canvas malarky in Swindon it was straight to the concrete for some proper painting in London.

The easel looks too flimsy..put it back in the box.

Canvases get eaten, like fried chicken.

Montana Gold, the choice paint.

Looking out at the Techno tent.

Love will win.

Cos you are..... GOLD!

Swindon chemtrail from the train... Google chemtrails


Sci-fi obsession comes out.

Space 1999.

Working the concrete.

Bonzai next to me. Another Banger!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Friday, 9 July 2010

The Great Outdoors.

Most peoples idea of a good break is to don walking gear and climb a mountain somewhere, sure the views can be breathtaking but you can't beat the city this time of year especially the hot concrete under my Reebok Classics. The great escape comes from within and there are no plans to leave SW9 yet.

Living for the city.

Inner city.

Good life.

Everything gets painted....everything.

The garden grows.