Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Student loan.

Last week I was joined by talented Brit school art and design student Ruby on her first work experience.
Our task for the week was to paint a series of backdrops for Whippersnappers forthcoming production 'Anancy Stories'.
Also on the to do list was to get Ruby involved in a production to show her the techniques involved and the time taken to roll out these big graf murals. Joining us on this task was legendary Chrome Angel 'Zaki Dee' and one of my favourite writers from the 90's 'Snatch'.

Many thanks to Ruby for the help and good luck for the future.

Ruby paints the Anancy Stories backdrop

Whippersnappers iconic logo designed by Ruby.


Painting the faces

We paint this wall today

Ruby rolls red

Outlines up...now for the fill

Fill mayhem

Attention to detail

We're nearly there...

More finishing touches

The finished product.

Signed by the artist!

Zaki Dee joined us

Classic Zaki

They're back....new and improved

Close up of ours

Ruby Piece

Finished Skyline for Play

Anancy Stories coming soon

Whippersnappers 'Achieving in life'

My garden is growing.

Snatch lays it on heavy.

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  1. Thanks again bro!!!