Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Somewhere in the park, near the tent.

The good people at Montana Gold asked me to paint a few canvases at Swindon's first 'Big Arts Day'.
The brief was simple, do what you do with our paint. I managed to hook up with Swindon's finest Reed and Weep crew who have been doing the graf for years.
Swindon has produced some talented writers that have added to our scene here, I remember having a picture from the eighties of a 'Sane' piece which for the time really stood out.
After the canvas malarky in Swindon it was straight to the concrete for some proper painting in London.

The easel looks too flimsy..put it back in the box.

Canvases get eaten, like fried chicken.

Montana Gold, the choice paint.

Looking out at the Techno tent.

Love will win.

Cos you are..... GOLD!

Swindon chemtrail from the train... Google chemtrails


Sci-fi obsession comes out.

Space 1999.

Working the concrete.

Bonzai next to me. Another Banger!

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