Sunday, 29 August 2010

We love graf!

In ancient times cavemen would often paint on their walls pictures of bulls, wild beast and any other assortment of creatures that would possibly be on the menu. Fortunately in these modern times we have the alphabet to play with and spraypaint to muck about with in the city. Heres to the 21st century!!

BBC presenter Brenda Emmanus loves a bit of graffiti!

Mint letters by Grace.

It's summer.

from outer space..

Going green.

Stephanie and tree.

Stanley and FIRE!

The Darkness.

Connor and the Flame effect.

Ideal living.

John's in goal.

Fire is popular.

Marlon's half black cityscape is....weird.

Check the razor house stencils....dangerous.

Do it yourself, go on, do it!

Recently my friend Selena had a book launch underneath the Westway to launch her first book entitled 'DIY Fashion' and published by Laurence king.
The whole reason fashion is so exciting is that when you take a pair of scissors to a garment and change it, its a lot more creative than standing in a queue at Primark and joining the clones on our high streets.
Anyone visiting Portobello Road market over the last few years would have no doubt seen Selena's stall and hopefully have been inspired to adapt their garms as well.
It was quite fitting that I painted in the space underneath the Westway with fellow artists Traffic and Lilliwen from France as this used to be the stomping ground of The Clash and the epicentre of London fashion.

Grab a copy of 'DIY Fashion' by Selena Francis - Bryden via all Great book stores!
Thanks to Kate, Karen, Selena, Jason, Traffic, Lilliwen and Natalie for the kind support in making it happen.

DIY Fashion by Selena Francis-Bryden. Out Now.

We're under the Westway, it's Dark.

Lilliwen from Brest, France paints her latest portrait with Traffic.

I get stuck into some live painting.

Selena Francis-Bryden, official author.

Finished wall, retro style.

Go Large or go home.

Detail could take a while.

More mentalness.

I'm available for exterior decorating!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Meeting of Styles

The 'Meeting of Styles' is a worldwide event that focuses on bringing writers together to share in their creativity.
The London event is put together by 'End of the Line' who did an excellent job not only with the location but for the event itself. There was quite a bit of paint nerd-ism around with a constant question being, "is that chocolate brown available in Montana black?" and "how do you do those dots?". Honestly, I think sometimes this culture straddles a fine line between trainspotting and Changing Rooms!
If you really wanted to geek out then the Mental Vapours crew were for you. Their use of the stencil cap knows no limit and I even found myself engaged in a bit of geek banter about the size of their spray. Mental Vapours and the very fine Ghetto Faceur along with my comrade in arms Bonzai smashed it for me.
Feel free to check out the work, it's on Hornsey Road which is just round the corner from Holloway Road tube station.

Where fashion meets paint freaks.

The people came for barbecue.

They loved the work.

'some' danced.

Skinnyman represented.

Bonzai and Ghetto Faceur smacked it!

Mental Vapours crew... bonkers mate!

Bom K's character was hard.

Drips are good.

Going green.

Going home.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Party, Dalston, August 27th. Just reach.

The incredible Goldfinger Brothers from Switzerland will be doing their thing at Passing Clouds on the 27th of August for a pre-carnival party.
The dress code is white only and your host is Chu- i. Also on the night we will put all the flyers into a raffle and you can win a piece of solo artwork!! See you there.

Party time in Dalston!

Bring your flyer to enter the raffle.

These guys are performing.

Serious eyes.

Serious lips.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Recently I was invited out to Belfast to paint The Belfast Peace line which seperates the Shankill Road District from the Falls Road/Springfield Road area in West Belfast.
The idea of the piece was to come up with something quite abstract that would also resonate love, understanding, tolerance and all the other ideas that go into securing peace.
Painting alongside me were my old time comrades Stylo and Mear from the Vopstars, our crew which formed in 1988. We decided to go to the top of the wall to give the people something big to look at. The project to paint the wall was instigated by Plum Smith who works for EPIC (Ex Prisoners Interpretative Centre). That organisation was set up to provide assistance to Ex prisoners on release in finding jobs, housing and general welfare. Lee from EPIC did an excellent walking political tour of the Shankill for us, pointing out the specific murals around the Shankill, their historical relevance and reasons for being there. I recommend getting in touch with them to see this and also to go on a Republican tour to get a view of what life was like in Belfast during the Troubles.
Visiting Belfast is more about the people and is a great place to leave Art.

Belfast Peace line is about to get sprayed.

Police patrol...all is quiet.

Love will win.

Local artists turn up to help..

Artists Rosie and Shaynne display their work!

A close up of the piece.

Contact Lee from Epic for political tours. 0289 0748922.

The Shankill Road.

Paramilitary Insignia

Red hand commandos mural.

UVF memorial mural on Shankill Road.

This could be big....

more is better..

more detail..

more or less?

More swirls please vicar!

Stylo goes for simplicity.

Mear goes for classic.

Estum never disappoints.

Bus size is appropriate.

So True, funny how it seems...

Do this.

The piece process.

Cross the road safely.

Always dispose of spray paint responsibly.