Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Meeting of Styles

The 'Meeting of Styles' is a worldwide event that focuses on bringing writers together to share in their creativity.
The London event is put together by 'End of the Line' who did an excellent job not only with the location but for the event itself. There was quite a bit of paint nerd-ism around with a constant question being, "is that chocolate brown available in Montana black?" and "how do you do those dots?". Honestly, I think sometimes this culture straddles a fine line between trainspotting and Changing Rooms!
If you really wanted to geek out then the Mental Vapours crew were for you. Their use of the stencil cap knows no limit and I even found myself engaged in a bit of geek banter about the size of their spray. Mental Vapours and the very fine Ghetto Faceur along with my comrade in arms Bonzai smashed it for me.
Feel free to check out the work, it's on Hornsey Road which is just round the corner from Holloway Road tube station.

Where fashion meets paint freaks.

The people came for barbecue.

They loved the work.

'some' danced.

Skinnyman represented.

Bonzai and Ghetto Faceur smacked it!

Mental Vapours crew... bonkers mate!

Bom K's character was hard.

Drips are good.

Going green.

Going home.

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