Sunday, 29 August 2010

Do it yourself, go on, do it!

Recently my friend Selena had a book launch underneath the Westway to launch her first book entitled 'DIY Fashion' and published by Laurence king.
The whole reason fashion is so exciting is that when you take a pair of scissors to a garment and change it, its a lot more creative than standing in a queue at Primark and joining the clones on our high streets.
Anyone visiting Portobello Road market over the last few years would have no doubt seen Selena's stall and hopefully have been inspired to adapt their garms as well.
It was quite fitting that I painted in the space underneath the Westway with fellow artists Traffic and Lilliwen from France as this used to be the stomping ground of The Clash and the epicentre of London fashion.

Grab a copy of 'DIY Fashion' by Selena Francis - Bryden via all Great book stores!
Thanks to Kate, Karen, Selena, Jason, Traffic, Lilliwen and Natalie for the kind support in making it happen.

DIY Fashion by Selena Francis-Bryden. Out Now.

We're under the Westway, it's Dark.

Lilliwen from Brest, France paints her latest portrait with Traffic.

I get stuck into some live painting.

Selena Francis-Bryden, official author.

Finished wall, retro style.

Go Large or go home.

Detail could take a while.

More mentalness.

I'm available for exterior decorating!

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  1. How about interior? My bathroom is in need of a lick of paint, as is the outside wall x