Sunday, 29 August 2010

We love graf!

In ancient times cavemen would often paint on their walls pictures of bulls, wild beast and any other assortment of creatures that would possibly be on the menu. Fortunately in these modern times we have the alphabet to play with and spraypaint to muck about with in the city. Heres to the 21st century!!

BBC presenter Brenda Emmanus loves a bit of graffiti!

Mint letters by Grace.

It's summer.

from outer space..

Going green.

Stephanie and tree.

Stanley and FIRE!

The Darkness.

Connor and the Flame effect.

Ideal living.

John's in goal.

Fire is popular.

Marlon's half black cityscape is....weird.

Check the razor house stencils....dangerous.

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  1. What excellent work from all involved, I'm sure they had an amazing day, I know I'd have enjoyed getting some tips. I know this is a little out of order, plugging myself like this, but check this.... much love Debs....x