Friday, 16 October 2009

Town Farm Primary School

Recently I collaborated with artist and friend Sonia Blair to produce a playground mural for Town Farm Primary School in the village of Stanwell. This was part of a much larger ongoing project by Signal Project for A2 Dominion housing. See our complete work at:

This mural involved the pupils each painting an animal or insect which would then be cut out and placed on the mural once the Stanwell Scouts photographed them around the village. The theme for this mural was fusing video games with nature, so lots of green and some floating grass bits for the animals to stand on. I was getting flashbacks to Donkey Kong whilst painting this!

Think of an insect

is it a spider or a pizza?

Make a mess

We paint the mural

Add some colour

The finished piece

The frog and butterfly combo

The tree of Knowledge

Animal magic

This little piggy went Awol

Close up of board 1

The trees have ears

Plant more trees

How many animals?

Quiet in class

The stock

I had none only the dinner ladies!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Mutate Britain

Thursday 9th October was the grand opening of 'One foot in the Grove', an exhibition and collaboration with the Mutoid Waste Company and a whole heap of artists.
The night consisted of some of the finest sculpture by the Mutoid crew set in the old Acklam Playcentre which I first had the pleasure of painting in 1997. My piece was a 'shrine' to graffiti.

Ladbroke Grove always has had a rich history and influence in UK graffiti. One of the first pieces painted in the UK was by Futura 2000 on the pillars under the Westway in 1982 whilst he was over with The Clash, who lived locally.

At the show I managed to collaborate with Zeus who made a sculpture of the word Mutate; also collaborating on this piece was local artist Natalie, who worked on the colour schemes.

The show runs until the 27th October and is well worth checking out.

The Shrine to West London graf

The loyal worshipers pay homage

Mutoid Waste Companies incredible machines

The future of jukeboxes

This robot horse shot FIRE at PR representatives!

M is for mutation

U is for Underground

Natalie does a great T

Mutoids Joe Rush with my finished T

The A popped out

The E flowed

Are you John Conner?

The dog machine looked tame

No wonder the troops have equipment shortages

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mutate Britain

On Thursday 1st of October in preparation for the show Mutate Britain I managed to grab a spot outside of the venue. Also on hand were my good friends the two Natalies who helped me out with filling and detail work.
The show opens on the 9th. Its going to be huge!
For more info go to:
facebook - mutatebritain

Words in nature - Part 2

The estate flowers

Stockwell Park crew

Force of nature


Close-up of wall