Monday, 20 October 2014

Soweto.....ngi sa bhala

Today in Soweto with Dreda, Ekse, Kevin Love and the Orlando crew.

 Orlando crew
That shadow.......mean.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Meanwhile in Pretoria / Tshwane...

Headed to the fine City of Pretoria renamed Tshwane to catch up with one of its finest talents ' Jestr' who likes to paint the tunnels. The Oscar Pistorius trial was in full swing and also on the 'to do' list was the Voortrekker monument and fort which detailed ' The great trek' in the 1800's and the fight against British Tyranny.
 Haircut 100 at Wits museum

 Blackbook action

 Going in with Jestr

 Hobo graf
 Yes YOU
 Early Voortrekkers wrote graf

 Debora Retief wrote for her late father Piet Retief
 Inside the Voortrekker monument

 Boer fighters
 The media are creaming over the Oscar Pistorius Trial
 Mandela statue at the Union Buildings

 Jestr Solo colab

Tunnel Business

Inside the City Of Gold, Johannesburg 2014

Much has been happening in Johannesburg lately. See for all the community work that went down. In the meantime.......

 City Of Gold exhibits
 It gets no Rougher
 Scrambles 4 money


 Tunnel graf

 Going in....

 wet look

 street play

Yes I am