Saturday, 8 May 2010

Things to do in Cork

Cork was the setting for our next paintathon. The event was 'Rattles The Most' organised by the RTM crew and featured some of Irelands Top Graffiti writers.
On the wall with me was Beta and Dribs. We managed to knock the piece out in 8 hours. And to top off the days event food was supplied by Anita and friends from the Anarchist bookstore. Here's to Anarchy!!

The beautiful Cork

We're here for this

Diggin in the crates, get involved!

The wall looks bare... for now.

Quick outlines for the writers

Signed tracksuits are all the rage!

Bunt, age 13 reps for Cork

Here's a close up.

Welcome to Cork!

Here's another view

This is THE website

We don't want this

have you paid and displayed?

Cope 2 drops classic BX

Tom O' Regan, Classic Cork Spraypainting

Finished piece after 8 hours

I like this

Signed Shirt, wear with pride

Amazing house in Cork

Say something beautiful...

Or be quiet..

Slow burner

The perfect ending.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Limerick fashion.

Recently I was invited to paint alongside some of Irelands finest Graffiti writers on the Moyross Estate in Limerick. The wall also featured New York Legend Cope 2 who made his first trip to Ireland. Our host was Mark from the South Central LK store in Limerick city centre and the paint was supplied by Montana Black.
We managed to knock this wall out within a day in between rain showers and watching the local children ride there horses up and down the street, no saddle, no helmet.
Many thanks to everyone on the Moyross Estate who came out and got involved with the painting.

Locals prep the wall

Less petrol, more mileage

Dex gets involved next to me

Masers piece has a nest in it

Cope goes for classic NY style

Solo goes Fluoro

Attention to detail

Goodbye Limerick