Thursday, 27 January 2011

Intergalactic Scrawlings

Breakin in space
Floating in the Milky Way
Galaxies far away
Floating in space....inspired by The Hubble Telescope
Inspired by Nasa's hubble telescope and mans curious nature.
The mighty Motor
Chrome...Its like where will it end?
Sniz BSG Orient
BSG running things
Soleo pops down with a quickie
Phed has classic style
Jyer with Public Enemy type Camo.......nice
Merc ACR

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Special Delivery

Neonita rules! Check out her work
Visit other planets
Get close up
The eyes are everywhere
Zaki and some killer green neon beams

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Represent London

Wrist adds to the mix
Revert with some French style
Get off this page, check
Jasik wordplay
Demo charged
Go large or go home....Dazer
Good Vibes
Towns representing
running Amuk

This weekends paint session consisted of London's finest RT and an assortment of scallywags who brightened up the day. Check out and

Monday, 10 January 2011

But who did what bit?

Brought to you using fine quality exterior spray paints that last !
The mix is professionally mixed to International standards
I don't know.
Motors finished Characters, now for me to do my bit
Here comes trouble
Point taken
Bad skin day
The television has this effect on most
My face after every tax year
Tight hair was all the rage years ago
Finished my bit, now for the tweaking
Which one?
Now you do this bit, this is my bit finished
Motor remixing the solo piece
Got me hungrey for cornflakes....Kelloggs cornflakes!
I'm sure this person was in my last workplace
Motors re working of my piece
The finished piece, 8 hours later...thanks for tuning in
Bonzai in session. Why are you still on this page?
BRK always pulls the goods out the bag
Borze, these letters look heavier than the wall!
Inkfetish, go google Inkfetish, don't sleep
Jasik 40HK on form
Crazy Jasik style close up. Love it
Ders, RT. Go check it
Merer, budget fill in recession style
Organic stockcap graf.
Ventza and Deus. Check him out
Phorms letterforms make me hungrey for chicken wings
Dubsteppers Spat, Mear, pun, boom!
Somebody call security
Oh what a feeling when you're dancing on the ceiling
The rowdy crew
Huge Vibes all over the place
Whooh! Dazer is not shy when it comes to size