Monday, 14 February 2011

Party time at Passing Clouds

Valentines day is done
Big Party, big plans
The roof is on fire
Bringing it on March 11th,2011
Are you?
See you there

March 11th sees the return of True Ingredients at Passing Clouds in Dalston. Promises to be a good night with a 50's theme.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Be thankful for what you've got......Sprayon

The best paint on the market....order now while stocks last!
Whats for dinner? Tizer and mash
1576 offences in Dec 2010. Stay crime free
Art by Lambeth Council.
What is this, a pod, yogurt, 3 cakes?
Astek panel bashment
Lers on character duty, keep telling him not to eat cheese before bedtime
Demo LSD, another banger
Korps, very tight, this is what paints made for

BRK is proper
Rise has got a great style

Here goes another one
Hmmn just a slight glitch somewhere
Nobody else shares my love of pink
In Black spraypaint it makes it real x 2
Until next time, stay focused

Its easy these days to sometimes get comfortable with what you do but sometimes you have to step outside the box. When I look at the selection of paint available now to what was available in the Eighties I always think thank the lord I never stopped.
Its only Febuary and new work is in the pipeline and ready to go off. Torrential rain and Egypt style riots won't put a stop to the plans at hand.
Enjoy the latest Scrawlings