Monday, 28 May 2012

Something is cooking

You can't beat the smell of home cooking featuring Tizer, Best, Sky and Solo.

One of those days

If walls could speak

Young people from Blenheim Gardens create paintings depicting Brixton's Windmill during a project to restore the old mural on Lyham Road.
 now for some tweeking of the design
 major spray action
 Backgrounds are done
 Working on the sails
 first windmills nearly finished.
 Pass the paint
 Nearly finished
 Final touches to the paintings crew shot.
 Starting off with the backgrounds
 Background complete
 Main Windmill in
 Almost there
 Too hot to work....phew!
 The completed pictures
 Nine lives
 Exhibit 1
 Exhibit 2
 Exhibit 3
Windmill's complete

Leaders of the New School

Today pupils from Stockwell Primary School paid a visit to the Graffiti Pen to look at some of the incredible artwork created by artists from all over the world. As part of the ' If walls could speak' art program the pupils were given a demonstration on how to use paint, create ideas and looked at the hard work put into each piece in the basketball court.
Finally the pupils made a sign for there project and had a further look at some street murals in Brixton.
 Quiet please, class is in session.
 Looking at art and
 Quick spell check......carry on.
 Quick assessment
 On the Brixton murals trail....
 What did you think of it?


Hot in the City

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Freestyle start of the week

 The dog is out
 look closely
 The eyes are watching
 The Twilight Zone
 Rest in Peace MCA
 Fight for your rights
 Hello kitty
 Diamond geezer
 Crisp burnings
 Go large
 Ariel chemical sprays in the sky
 Google and research Chemtrails
This is Planet Earth