Sunday, 20 December 2009

Words in Nature...Glaciers of ice.

Its now officially sub-zero in the UK! Which can only mean kicking off the winter outdoor season of painting with a beauty. The theme of this is "Glaciers of ice", a classic rap track by Raekwon the chef from Wu-Tang Clan, this was the only thing going through my head as I rushed to finish before the wind picked up.
Hopefully it will snow soon as I really want to get out and beat last years painting record of -5 when the can actually stuck to my hand.

Hooray for winter!

Something is looking at you

more winter blues

I love Brixton Market!

Brixton Village is an indoor market located in the heart of Brixton.
I was approached to paint out an empty store as part of a project to inject new ideas and energy into the market.

What makes Brixton stand out from a lot of indoor markets is its diversity of food stores and some great eateries. I have recently learnt that there are 3 Colombian restaurants in there which means that I may as well not have a kitchen at home!

For the store painting I pulled in Tizer and Bonzai to add to the flavour. We were painting what used to be a Rastafari restaurant.
The project was organised by Spacemakers agency and thanks to Katrina for hooking it up. It was short notice, 2 days, but that's how I roll.
Hope you enjoy the results:

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The beginning....

We go all out LIME

Tizer and Bonzai work the magic

Outside looking in

Love the trees

Inside the mince pies flow

Detail of the piece

The suns out for once

Previously painted fruit I had to leave in, just had too.

Half Solo, Half Bonzai

Classic Tizer

Paradise in the market

Once upon a time...a toolshop

Haircut Sir?

Flesh coloured Polo necks were the the 80's

Brixton Market is the place, come and support!