Sunday, 26 June 2011

Remembering Brian Haw.

Brian Haw, peace campaigner, Rest In Peace.
Shucks 1 on character duty
Remembering Brian Haw
We must do this
Yes it will

R.I.P Brian Haw

Brian Haw was a dedicated peace campaigner who stayed outside Parliament, camped in the square for the last 10 years. His presence with fellow peace activists was a constant reminder for the M.P's using Westminster of the War in Iraq and Afganistan which they voted for. Sadly Brian died of cancer last week so to honour his memory Solo and Shucks teamed up to paint this dedication in memory of a man with a great heart. Rest in Peace Brian Haw

Monday, 20 June 2011

Iz The Wiz Tribute. South London. 2011

This Iz it
Nice fades
Rain stops play...we wait and reflect
TMB. Peace to the whole family
Iz in Stockwell Park Estate
New Yorks Finest
Dedicated to the memory of Micheal Martin 1958 - 2009
Iz's favourite lay up
Iz on Red stock
American Classic
The Master Blaster
Astek, Ante and Steam 156
While New York Sleeps.....
The Legend
Mr Merc lays it out

Iz the Wiz was one of the most prolific graffiti writers of his time in New York during the 1970's and 80's. His art influenced many people and inspired many to get up and participate in the artform. A few writers gathered to commemorate his life and spirit and pay tribute to a true legend of this Game that few have rivaled. Thanks to Ante, Aztek, Aero, Cenz, Corze, Merc, Shucks, Wisher and Relay.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Return to the source.

Hmmmn needs something else
A way of life
Desert storm
Greetings from Stockwell park Estate. hope you have enjoyed your stay

Taking Graffiti back to the top.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Sun, Sea, no sand but fresh Donuts.
All Star Wars fans stand up and salute the At- At's.
Rest in peace to Dyer.
Hurricane season
On Road
Fires on the beach after
This man is a one man paint machine
Dep from paintshop Studio
Rasty's final U.K piece....for now.
Quick Solo

Rasty and Solo go all ' touristy' and paint Brighton whilst trying not to get too involved with the intoxicated locals. Also a last wall was squeezed in for Rasty's trip with Tizer and Dep from paintshop studio ( check out their fantastic blog) joining in the melee.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Relaxing in the park

Feeding the ducks is essential here, go check it
Not even summer yet
Theres a 90's rave inside everyones head
Kenny Kenn and Mickey Finn
Mampi Swift remixes
You are here
Safety first
The doughnut courtesy of Haringay council.