Sunday, 31 July 2011

Visit Other Planets at Stockwell Park Estate

Aliens are comming
Out of space
Area 51
Alien technology
The team that delivers
Thef from Australia

Solo, Dane and Thef from Australia recently collaborated to paint the wall in Stockwell Park Estate, SW9.

Raw Gallery

Sebz and Ryder, Swindon
Old School Swindon graffiti from 1988
Close up
Art for sale
Raw Gallery until 31st August,2011

The Raw Gallery in Swindon are currently hosting work by Solo One.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sixties London

Toys better know
Go Green
The toy takedown
Waterloo sunset
March of the Mods
The Jam
Ray Davies sat here
London Summertime
Mods at Waterloo

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Graffiti Suppliers you can trust.

Wrist character on Stockwell Park Estate
As the World decends into chaos....
A taste of things to come. Jade uno
The Mexico crew have arrived.
Jungle Strike
Jungle Strikes again
Mecamutanterio recommends the Telescopic ladder with case
Check out
Live from Peru. Jade Uno
Lima's finest....Jade Uno
Inspired by 90's Sega game ' Jungle Strike'.
Catch flicks
Work by the pupils of Little Ilford School in Manor Park.
A message to the world

This week saw some painting action with a guest artist from Lima, Peru called Jade Uno. ( and Mecamutanterio from Mexico. You have to give it to the South Americans they always bring some differant styles to the wall and its refreshing to see that in London. Also featured above are some work by the pupils at Little Ilford School in Manor Park. This work was completed as part of a one day workshop hosted by