Saturday, 9 July 2011

If in doubt, go large.

Inspired by the film ' Loose Change Final Cut'.

This piece was painted for last years Portobello Film festival. The brief was to paint something on the theme of your favourite film. I opted for Loose Change final cut as this was a film that raised serious questions surrounding the attacks on the world trade centre in 2001 and I had done a ton of research into the collapse of the towers and building 7. ( This was the building that fell near the twin towers due to fire, while the evidence points to controlled demolition)
The piece features the twin towers smoking and the mask on the left represents the mask worn by the people who are concealing the facts from the public and denying any wrongdoing in these attacks. Hopefully this year on the 10th anniversary Portobello Film festival will show Loose Change final cut. It would be a fitting film for the festival and a more informative choice for the public to see.

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