Monday, 14 May 2012

The Write stuff

 We didn't start the fire....
 ...they did.
 Daisy on pink duty
 letter styles for miles
 Funmi with added date
 No energy drinks for him.
 Alycia goes for classic design
 Russian flag contingency
 tag team effort
 Mr.Dane.....go google
 At Waterloo
 Styles for.....
 Added stars for Esia
 the Giant
 Caine keeps it blue tones
 Visiting Other Planets
 Too heavy
 Outer limits
 One board for mum
 Close ups
 heavy traffic
 Sarra keeps it simple
 Forecast blizzard
 Amy helps Louise
 More thunderstorms
 Fresh air
 Kyle goes for orange background and.....
 so does Ozan.
 yes Moses
 Yes Mc Kenzie....smashed it.
 Reece, incredible Hulk style
 Drips are good
 Tyrese goes green
 More drips.....
 Drip latest
 yes Taylor
 more details
 Into Shoreditch...........

Bouncing through the colour spectrum with some new work at Waterloo with Mr.Dane, some nameboards from young people in Kent and finishing in the Street art Mecca that is Shoreditch. If you blink you might miss something....enjoy.

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