Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Just writing my name..

Recently the good folks at Montana Black invited myself, Bonzai and Lovepusher to take part in the 'Just writing my name' worldwide graffiti session.
Our idea was to challenge each other to a 3 day paint-out on the Stockwell Park Estate and see how we could push the paint.

After that some other people wrote their names too!

Just writing my name

Bonzai first mark up

Full workout.

Push the love

Bonzai's scorched earth

Built to blast.

We have explosive.

Lovepusher sketch.

Remember the message?

Building up the layers.

Bonzai complete.

The garden grows.

This could be paradise.

Flowers by big bright

The Garden looks great!

Amy represents.

Great Henna hand art.

Georgie works the Lilac.

Alex was here.

Go Ashleigh.

Saffron's green.

Hayley works on concepts.

Rhia in pink.

Lotti's quick piece.

Georgie is finished.

Rebecca's quick piece.

Keep writing.

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