Friday, 13 August 2010


Recently I was invited out to Belfast to paint The Belfast Peace line which seperates the Shankill Road District from the Falls Road/Springfield Road area in West Belfast.
The idea of the piece was to come up with something quite abstract that would also resonate love, understanding, tolerance and all the other ideas that go into securing peace.
Painting alongside me were my old time comrades Stylo and Mear from the Vopstars, our crew which formed in 1988. We decided to go to the top of the wall to give the people something big to look at. The project to paint the wall was instigated by Plum Smith who works for EPIC (Ex Prisoners Interpretative Centre). That organisation was set up to provide assistance to Ex prisoners on release in finding jobs, housing and general welfare. Lee from EPIC did an excellent walking political tour of the Shankill for us, pointing out the specific murals around the Shankill, their historical relevance and reasons for being there. I recommend getting in touch with them to see this and also to go on a Republican tour to get a view of what life was like in Belfast during the Troubles.
Visiting Belfast is more about the people and is a great place to leave Art.

Belfast Peace line is about to get sprayed.

Police patrol...all is quiet.

Love will win.

Local artists turn up to help..

Artists Rosie and Shaynne display their work!

A close up of the piece.

Contact Lee from Epic for political tours. 0289 0748922.

The Shankill Road.

Paramilitary Insignia

Red hand commandos mural.

UVF memorial mural on Shankill Road.

This could be big....

more is better..

more detail..

more or less?

More swirls please vicar!

Stylo goes for simplicity.

Mear goes for classic.

Estum never disappoints.

Bus size is appropriate.

So True, funny how it seems...

Do this.

The piece process.

Cross the road safely.

Always dispose of spray paint responsibly.

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