Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Public Service Announcment.

Myself and Marie Motor worked on a wall in Waterloo with the aim of discouraging people from nail biting. This bad habit which starts in childhood often can carry on into adult life and is so disgusting. Saying that though I've always thought there could be a market for peppermint flavoured nails you can buy in a pack and chew to your hearts content. The only problem with that would be the house filling up with piles of nails much like the annoying pistachio nut casings which seem to never biodegrade.
Enjoy the art and if this makes you want to bite your nails...STOP IT!

Someone has to clean up this city!

We make a start.

Getting anxious, must not chew nails..

Marie spells it out.

Wear mittens to stop nail biting.

Mild Anxiety.

Nervous.. for more advice

This has been a Public service announcement for citizens.

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