Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fightin Irish

As the coffee kicks in work starts happening
Motor and YesB
Where theres Sums, theres Guiness!
Maser merks the spot
The mighty Tiws
solo and Motor. Check her out.
Sharper than a mouthfull of fizzbombs......Tizer
Irelands finest export....and the drink on the left isn't bad!
A Solo, Motor Tizer mash up
Bubble bath mayhem
Demo LSD Kingpin
Detail in this is PURE KRUNK!
Classic Jasik just pings the wall nicely
BRK rules, BRK all day everyday, BRK to the fullest.
Well pointy
Dying is for fools.....Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen is Win, Win, Winning!
Its Fours birthday bash
Geak laying it down
Possibly the cheapest fill in ever on the right.
West country invasion
Amuk, man that Lemon is so lickable!
Its Ders Rt......WINNING.
Its Fours birthday

Recently Irelands number one crew TDA celebrated 20 years of wall scrawling in Stockwell Hall of Fame. Having painted with these guys over the years both in London and Ireland it was only right we organise the main wall at Stockers and give it some good paint slappage. Also joining us were an assortment of Londons Underground pitching in and making it happen. Here are the results.

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