Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Class is in session

blue tone piece
Say it loud...
Stay cool in School
These were our first sketches
Olivia's great butterfly design
Making patterns with acrylic
It says a word.......somewhere
Squeezing glue onto paper.....followed by GLITTER!
Amazing splodges.
The base coat goes on
Go Green
Basic blue colour scheme.....more to come
We go for circular patterns......nice
Blue leaves are todays theme
The crew paint the background in
Top designer Nathan
Retro graf
green days

Recently I worked on a project with young people to design and paint backdrops for a forthcomming talent show. The brief was simple. Design shapes, and patterns and then we take some images and transfer them to the backdrops. The splodges and splats were epic. Enjoy the artwork but most importantly Do it yourself.

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