Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Codex Alimentarius goes international

Sunday 1st of March 2009 was the date for Bonzai, Rabodiga (Spain) and Solo to do a wall together.

This wall was aiming to say something about the economy but after a group hug and a few buddhist chants we decided to have the main lettering at the bottom read 'Codex Alimentarius' (If you can read it).

Codex Alimentarius is a food code that comes into force at the end of the year and will re-classify some nutrients as toxins. It will also mean that previously banned chemicals in food production will be permitted to be used and the health implications for the world are massive.
I feel passionate enough about this issue to include it in my spray jaunts when and wherever possible and in this mural Rabodiga has a girl smashing a world piggy bank to symbolise our greed and Bonzai has some genetically modified flying machines up top while I play it safe with the word which is mutating off itself. Urghh! Sounds disgusting. So is Codex Alimentarius! Check out this information for yourself: www.healthfreedomusa.org
and more locally: www.consumersforchoice.com
and: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Vitamins/
If you feel compelled, please also sign the petition on both websites.


  1. I'm so glad to see this painting clean;) I shot it but toyed:/ keep up the vibe guys !!!

  2. thats a good looking wall! hadnt seen it
    hope all is well
    eldeflower season soon