Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Urban Art Showcase at Westbourne Studios

Thursday the 5th of March 2009 saw the launch of Urban art showcase at Westbourne Studios. It featured not so much the cream of the UK graffiti scene but more like the organic soya alternative, artists included Chu, Zeus, Dotmasters, Inkie and Graffiti Research Laboratories ( GRL).

The night also featured a film showcase put together by the lovely Portobello Film Festival people. They included a series of graffiti/street art films 'Overspray' from South Africa and 'Bomb It' from the U.S.

The pieces on display will be sold via the site www.streetdealer.com and use unique QR code technology which when you snap the QR code by the side of the piece your phone takes you to the website direct. This is a very different way of selling work and all very hi tech.

The show at Westbourne Studios runs until total economic collapse and
we're all running around like the people in the film 28 days later.

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