Sunday, 22 February 2009

War crimes.

In January 2009 the Israeli Defence Force launched an offensive into Gaza in the pursuit of Hamas fighters. Over the next two weeks the results of the constant shelling of civillian areas and air strikes led to hundreds of civillian dead and wounded. The IDF also attacked a United nations compound killing people on the ground.
There are strict engagement rules when it comes to warfare but quite often these are ignored at will not only by Israel but by many countries who see fit to persue their military objective.

I painted two slogans at the Brixton skatebowl as a means of saying to people look whats going on. After 4 days Lambeth council saw fit to remove the slogans but left other non-political graffiti in the skatebowl. This could raise freedom of speech issues and its a shame that the council had to remove something that may have challenged the publics thinking. The Wall St Journal thought otherwise and featured it as one of their pictures of the day.

Buffed 4 days later.

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