Friday, 29 May 2009

Painting in Brest, France.

In May I was invited to the fine French city of Brest in Brittany to take part in the Rue St Malo Festival. This street is one of the oldest in the city that is still intact.

During the Second World War the allies bombarded this fortress city from the air inflicting massive damage. Brest at that time had a U-boat base and was virtually inpenetrable from land due to its heavy defences.

The idea for the piece was to create an image that would resonate with the residents and festival goers alike and also be something people could take part in. I was assisted by Ya and Les Lionnes En Cage, a collective from Brest who paint the city. (

The piece took 8 hours to complete.

Here goes, take a really old French building...

add some cheap supermarket paint... lots of it!

No time for design, this is a freestyle!

I'm feeling the love and the mint...

add spots and love hearts...

nearly done, nearly home time...

Finished! Old listed building done and time to move on...

The temple of love is Open!

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  1. Yeah. That's fuckin killer! Man, if I was round, i'd shoot it with an intervelometer and make a kick ass little time lapse video. You could just shoot it until the sun goes down and the set goes dark...cut.
    Thanks, great work.