Monday, 8 June 2009

Upfest Bristol

Upfest festival is now in its second year and is put together by Steve, Kim and Jake.
Their initial concept was simple, to hold an annual urban paint festival in Bristol inviting artists from all over the country and from overseas. This years event attracted 140 artists to paint.

Upfest was also raising money for NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics), a very worthy cause.

Myself and Bristol legend Jody teamed up to knock out a wall for this event at The Try Again pub. This great establishment on Greenway Bush Lane and the junction with Lower Sidney Street was so named because of the earlier attempts to obtain a licence which were repeatedly rejected. One day they got lucky. The current landlord is John and unfortunately you wont get any discount on ales mentioning you saw his pub on this blog but if you are in the Bristol area, pay it a visit and have a look at some great artwork in a real down to earth Pub.

Jody gets ready to take on the wall... deep breaths

Whats inside my head? A Monkey carnival!!

Steadily taking shape...

work it, work it...

almost there, where did I leave the last tin of black?

background is in, I can feel rain blips...

The Try Again Pub...FINISHED after 8 hours!

John the landlord with his own spraypaint

The Solo Pole of Love.

If at first you don't succeed...

Solo piece of chaotic madness.

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  1. Nice work kid!

    Very memorable weekend all in all - was such a great experience meeting up with you again Boyd. Keep in touch and look forward to painting again real soon.