Thursday, 25 August 2011

See No Evil but increase Tourism.

Its on....
Electro Rock
Wow 123 from Germany....Wow
TATS pointing fingers
Ghetto Faceur / 80's conspiracy. The dons.
Dude with a stereo looking for a body popping battle
You are doing it en masse
Stokes Croft Street flex
Art by TATS crew. Trousers by Beezer.
I hold the traffic on Jamaica St while twitterers and facebookers flick 3D and TATS.
The people want art, light refreshments and sponsored music
The realest art at the festival
People walking around painted buildings
Stokes Croft
Go see Bristol while its still open for business.

Bristol City Council came up with a great initiative to boost tourism to the city and brighten up one of the drabbest streets in Bristol by inviting artists to come and paint. After the contracts were signed by the artists ( with limits on free speech) they set to work decorating the beast that is Nelson St. Highlights were TATS crew and El Mac doing some pretty impressive stuff and Ghetto Faceurs/ Bonzai and Smugs offering which was probably one of the most impressive pieces painted on a street this year.
See No Evil will hopefully expand next year and no doubt be bigger if the economy doesn't totally collapse and we'll all be dressed like extra's on a Mad Max film scavenging for petrol and Pringles.
For real community art in Bristol go check out Chris Chalkley at the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft, 35 Jamaica St, Bristol. Tel: 0117 9444540.


  1. I fucking missed this in my hometown cos I was working in the countryside. Noooooooo.

  2. Thanks for this... See you next time you are on the Croft! Have you got an e-mail address?

    Chris C