Friday, 3 February 2012

Action for Impact.

Action for Impact
Dream,Passion, Ambition, Hope.
See through Society
Alone in the City
Instant apps
Defend the Community
The balance of Desire
Before we start, some ground rules.!
The yellow just pings off the canvas
Tons of this
Getting stuck in
Pen frenzy
All eyes on the detail.
The city we live in.
Train is banging!
The completed canvases after two hours.
We leave as the sun sets.....perfect day

Action For Impact

Action for Impact was an event held at Crystal Palace Football club aimed at inspiring change within young people from South London.
Canvases that had been painted during the previous weeks at the BELS centre in Croydon were also exhibited. The idea for today was to simply think of a word or phrase based on positivity, creativity and Inspiration and to illustrate this on a canvas. An absolute no brainer.
The finished work came out looking top notch, so much so Crystal Palace F.C want to exhibit it at their club. Its a Goal!

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