Saturday, 24 March 2012

Look back, Look Forward, Get up.

We are not Clubbing
Craze from 1988
Inspired S from the piece above
Artism NRG from 1988
The world is mine
Love leicester
Home Sweet Home
All eyes on Me
bluez brothers....shouts to Caper, Racee
Walkers Crisps are so local the packets warm.
Big year for free spraypaint
The doomsayers will never be satisfied
Morsey 2012......Return of the Mack
NRG Power up...1987

For Cost,Meek, FYS....all the lads
Dane VOP
Nothing like Nostalgia to look forward too

Leicester like most cities in the 80's had a vibrant graffiti scene and boasted a substantial number of writers. For my latest piece I took a trip to ' morsey' in the city to paint with some of the locals.

The refreshing thing about this location is while many galleries have tried to capture Street Art shows and present them in a gallery space there is nothing better than going to a real location to do this artform away from the pretentiousness that is the Gallery scene.

Back in 1988 two pieces at Morsey inspired me to think a bit bigger to what I was used too. The first was Artism's ' Artz' piece and the second was by Nottingham Legend ' Craze' . I wanted to paint something in London that fused elements of both these pieces so set about doing a freestyle piece based on my memories of these. Dane VOP joined in to complete the picture...Here's to looking back at the 80's where bad haircuts met stonewash jeans and our world was a tin of car spray and lungs filled with cellulose.

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