Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic mania 2012.

The Olympics has finally arrived in London and what better way to celebrate than to have the Positive Arts team paint outside City Hall as part of the Mayor for London's ' A summer like no other'.
This event was to showcase young musical talent across the City with the aim of letting the public vote for the young person they liked. On Sunday we were quite amazed at 13 year old Natalie Shay who did 4 of her own composed songs and sang beautifully. You can check her out here and please give her your vote:
Also Mondi has some new work out and C Cane has a new tune dropping so support that. See her here : and here:
 Here it is
 Fluro ravers
 Like father..... son.
 filling in
 mum watches
 more filling in.
 It's like a huge telly, wheres the remote?
 filling in
 Art by Cenz
 Top fill in
 All hands on the wall
 Gymnast fly's through the air
 Aero on character

 The public watch
 The finished article, at City Hall
 CCane drops bars
 Mondi , new piece

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