Thursday, 1 November 2012

Extra Terrestrial.

Young people from kent work with Positive Arts to creat a mural inspired by all things Intergalactic. Yes , we like spaceships, Robots, Flying Rockets, crazy neon planets, mad looking creatures, who knows maybe its us that are from out there? With that thought in mind we get on with the business of painting the wall....
 Oh no, not this season...
 We are transforming THIS!
 Mad alien creatures are sooo 2012
 Black is back
 Alien creature feature.
 Intergalactic Comet
 This place is obsessed
 " Look theres a person not staring into a iphone!"
 Robots are cool....
 The team....
 The Robot
 The Rocket ship
 Comet stencil
 Galaxy appreciation society
 Take us to your leader
 No seriously, we have a meeting scheduled
 More paint
E.T would be proud

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