Saturday, 20 April 2013


The Children of Thabisang primary school in Orlando West, Soweto paint a hubcap for our sister project in London whilst Ekse, Love, Veronika and Solo re design an abandoned space in the beautiful place that is Soweto.
 Vilakhazi St reach
 The towers
 We're painting this
 first we draw the design
 need to brainstorm ideas
 putting down the basecoat
 The design team have a plan
 adding graphics
 more stripes and stuff
 The hubcap is coming along nicely
 local pirate joins us
 nearly there
 job done
 thanks Thabisang Primary school
 After school paint club
 Calling Earth
 The spot
 Toys are cheap
Thanks Soweto

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  1. Word. Seems like you got up to a whole lot. It was great having you here once again man.