Sunday, 1 September 2013

Pop Modern at Louise Blouin Foundation

Wed 28th August saw the launch of Pop Modern at the prestigious Louise Blouin Foundation in West London. Artists included Joe Rush, Code fc, Giles Walker, Teddy Baden Zeus, Sickboy, Wreckage International, Lucy Sparrow and Solo. Also showing was the premier to Phil Strongman's film ' Anarchist - The Malcolm Mclaren Generation' , which despite the interuption  caused by a burning cigarette coming from Stella Mcartney's upstairs studio and  triggering the fire alarm, the show continued where it left off.
Thanks to J.B, Leona, Liam and Amy Gibson at Louise Blouin.
 We are here for Anarchy
 Spoke too soon, everybody out
 Quick fire check
 Community support look busy
 All clear
 Lucy Sparrow is awesome

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