Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cipher Sessions - Part 1

I recently worked on a great idea with DJ Sarah Love from 1Xtra, me painting the wall for the first Cipher Session to be screened on Spine TV!
Freestyle rhyming is the essence of hip hop culture, it's a hard game to play but when you have some of the UK's greats in one space doing this its great to watch.
The background piece was a freestyle but based on a protective mask.
The MC's who stepped up were Sonny Jim, Ramson Badbonez, Scandalous and Chester P. Kyza was there to perform but had to rest his vocal chords so get well soon Kyza. The venue was the Carhartt store on Earlham Street in the West End.

Many thanks to Alex at Carharrt, DJ Gone and the lyricists for doing what they do best.

Check out DJ Sarah Love, Fridays 1am to 3am on 1Xtra on DAB or listen to the podcast when you should be working.

Could all the MCs step forward.....now

Sick Lyrics, Scandalous.

Ramson Badbonez is what it says on the tin.

DJ Sarah Love works the Technics.

Chester P with a brand new verse... ink's still wet!

The first lady of Hip Hop, DJ Sarah Love, every Friday on BBC 1Xtra. Don't miss!

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